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Jun 14, 2009

Rick Parks

Many years ago ... I'm talking ancient history here, I worked for Westwood Studios as a video game designer. It was a great job, although I was too young and stupid to realize it at the time.

At Westwood, I got to know a fantastic artist named Rick Parks. The hand painted artwork he was doing on the Amiga was absolutely stunning. You have to remember this was in VGA (256 colors 640x480). His traditional work was just as good.

He also pioneered some of the first 3D animations in computer games. I worked with him on Dune II. He created a flying ornithopter using the first generation of Lightwave for the Amiga and Deluxe Paint.

I've not been successful finding any of Rick's traditional artwork on the Internet and quite frankly it's hard to find much information about him. But Rick was a great guy ... funny and witty with a good heart. He was also one of the best artist I have ever met.

I miss ya Rick.

Joseph Hewitt - Ode to Rick Parks


Jan-Willem Bats said...

I see on MobyGames you've worked with Rick on the graphics for Lands of Lore.

This game is my all time favorite. The realistic scenes that are in between the normal gameplay (such as meeting the Draracle) must've been Rick's.

That's what I'm assuming, anyway.

I learned of Rick's death from a video that came with the LOL2 CD. What a shame that Rick had to pass away. His graphics were awesome.

I'm such a big fan of the first LOL game, that I want to learn more about it.

Can you tell us some more about who drew which graphics?

Any other anecdotes of this time would also be neat.



Josic said...

Yes, please tell us some more....Those fine pieces of artwork were so influental for many of us...

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